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Take a Breath

Finding the door to the room he shared with Wyll locked, Emaarion knocked only vaguely curious as to why.  A few seconds later, the door opened to reveal a tall redhaired Altmer female with scars on her lips and chin that looked as though an animal had swiped at her but which did nothing to mar her outright savage beauty.  She was naked except for the animal pelt she held together against her notably well endowed chest.  In the bed beyond her, Wyll sat against the headboard with a blanket draped across his bare midsection.  Green eyes sparkled as her lips curved to mirror their amusement.  "Well, well.  It’s been a while.“

Em smiled and placed a hand on her hip as he leaned in to kiss her cheek, a gesture that indicated more than a passing familiarity with the body beneath.  "It’s good to see you, Alexia.  How’d you find us?”

Alexia shrugged, her smile still in place.  "It wasn’t difficult.  I got tired of waiting for the two of you to find me, so I decided to find you instead.  She turned and strode back towards the bed.  "Rumor has it you’re escorting a princess,“ she called over her shoulder as she dropped the pelt and climbed back into bed.  She moved close to Wyll and turned so she was beside him, her shoulders beneath the arm he’d extended to wrap around her.

Emaarion watched her as she moved away, then stepped inside, closed the door and walked over to the bed where he sat on the edge angled so he could see them both.  "She’s not a princess,” he said with a hint of laughter beneath his words.

Wyll’s lips curled in an amused smirk, his attention on Alexia.  "Oh, no.  She’s not a princess at all.  Just pretentious, arrogant, spoiled and without a single scar or callous to mar that flawless flesh of hers.“

Emaarion arched a brow in Wyll’s direction.  "She’s not.. that bad.  Okay, pretentious, yes.  Arrogant, maybe.  But she’s not a princess.”

Alexia’s eyes remained on Emaarion as he defended Alavesa then turned to Wyll, more amused than ever.  "It seems like Em likes her,“ she said teasingly.  

Wyll smiled more broadly and looked at Em.  "Oh, I think ‘like’ might not be strong enough a word.”

Alexia shifted her gaze back to Em when he retorted, “Like is just fine, thank you.”  

Alexia laughed, “Oh?  So we don’t have to worry about you taking up with her, then?”

Wyll turned his smile and attention back to Alexia.  "It seems he has a little competition here.  Seems she’s a bit taken with a certain Dunmer pirate.“

Alexia’s interest piqued.  "Dunmer pirate, eh?  Anyone I know?”

Wyll shrugged.  "Doubt it, though we might’ve crossed his path a couple of times in recent years.“

"I see,” Alexia replied on halfheartedly.

Emaarion looked back at Alexia ready with another response but she’d apparently grown bored with the subject and opted to change it, much to Em’s relief.

She reached out and pulled the blanket off Wyll before pushing herself to her knees and straddling him.  Her eyes locked on the Nord’s, she moved her hips suggestively against his arousal as she spoke to Emaarion again.  "Is it true that Dhaunare has moved into your family home in Solitude?“

Emaarion face registered surprise, not that she or Wyll saw it, focused as they were on each other.  "Where did you hear that?  And why haven’t I heard it?”

Alexia glanced over at Em.  "That’s what you get for straying so far from civilization, love.  Oh, not that it’s exactly big news all over Skyrim or anything, but spend some time in Thalmor or Altmer infested areas and you’ll hear these things.  I first heard it in Markarth, so I went to Solitude and I’ll be damned if I didn’t see him myself walking into your sister’s house.“

Emaarion was caught by surprise again.  "What are you talking about?  The last I heard from Elanin, she was in Hammerfell.”

Alexia smiled the smile of one who was dealing with a mentally challenged sibling.  "Oh, no.  She left Hammerfell and set herself up in Solitude as a consort.  Really, Em.  I’d think you’d know more about your brother and sister’s business than I would.“

Annoyance flickered over Em’s expression as Alexia turned her attention back to Wyll.  "I’d like to think so, too,” he muttered.  "Especially, if my brother’s moving into the house.“  He glanced over at Wyll, expecting him to interject but found him too distracted by the wet heat sheathing him to be of any use.

Alexia smiled at Wyll and sighed contentedly.  "When are the two of you coming home?” she asked.

Em watched them for a second.  Home for Wyll and Alexia was wherever they laid their head.  Home for Emaarion was Solitude, though they seemed to forget that occasionally.  "Our plans are to head to Solitude, unless Wyll’s changed his mind.  In which case, my plans are to head to Solitude.  If for no other reason than to see what my siblings are up to.“

Alexia nodded but she and Wyll were no longer part of Em’s reality as they became more focused on each other and less on him.  He watched them for a few seconds before getting up and leaving the room.  His departure went unnoticed for the most part.

Out in the hallway, Em closed the door behind him and thought about what Alexia had told him.  He was surprised that Elanin hadn’t written him considering how close they were, but Alexia was right.  He’d been away from civilization more than he’d been in it so any courier would find it nearly impossible to find him.  No, the letter was probably sitting in Solitude waiting for him.  More than likely retrieved by his brother, Dhaunare.  That didn’t set well with Emaarion either.

Emaarion walked away from the room and headed to the taproom to get something to eat, something bigger on his mind than Alavesa’s relationship with Rieldunai for a change.

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