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Rules of Engagement – OOC

Please actually read something about a character before sending asks or making judgments regarding their personal beliefs.  

Maybe read something about the Altmer before sending asks or making judgements.

That said.. some general guidelines:

  1. We don’t accept M!A’s.
  2. If talking to the mod, use double parentheses to indicate your question is OOC.  If those are missing, you’ll get a response from the character and not the mod.
  3. We won’t respond to OOC hate and criticism unless I’m feeling particularly froggy.  And that never works out well for anyone.
  4. Do not assume the character’s opinions or beliefs represent the mod’s.  We’re different people.
  5. Try to remember there are humans on the other side of the screen.

This is really stuff that applies to any blog/characters/RPers you’re interacting with, so I’m not asking for anything unreasonable or beyond common courtesy.

Thank you for playing.

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