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You do know that the Thalmor literally want genocide of every race except them (and maybe the other ‘mer) right? They want to kill everyone off eventually because they believe if only they exist and if the ‘towers’ of life (red mountain, direnni tower, etc) go out then they can restore their godhood so…

((Yes.  Em *does* know this.  This is why he hates the Thalmor.  His brother, on the other hand, is totally in in line with this thinking.  As for the mod, yes, I’m also aware of this.  But my opinions on the matter have nothing to do with how my characters think about them.  Because they are not me.  Also, from what I have read, that particular goal is only suspected and there’s no actual canon statements saying ‘yes, this is true’ but simply statements refering to it being a suspicion of their ultimate goals.  None of which really matters, because again, my characters aren’t me and have their own psychologies and experiences.  Therefore, some of them believe this wholeheartedly and hate it and others totally agree with it.  The others being pretty much only Em’s brother.))

Edited because I read some stuff:

((No.  Actually, *no* one is aware of this. Here.  Go do some actual reading before bothering me with this crap.  Link.  Pay particular attention to the article on the Thalmor.))

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