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You seem to be incredibly unflappable and good natured. Is there anything that sets you off specifically? Things you avoid because they set your teeth on edge?

“Aside from certain people?  Sure.  Lots of things.  Politics is always a good way to drive me from a room.  Particularly when they’re being discussed by people with very strong opinions and absolutely no knowledge whatsoever.  I’m not really a fan of snap judgments, either, particularly when they’re based on something like appearance or race. I don’t avoid a lot of things, but I do actively avoid balls and formal social events.  In fact, my sister and I used to get dragged to them by our parents all the time and we’d always steal someone’s cigarettes and sneak outside to get away from all the pomp and circumstance.”

Em smiled and took a seat.  ”Falmer.  They definitely set my teeth on edge and I try to avoid them as much as possible.  Oh, I also avoid discussing Talos worship and the Empire.  Particularly the issue of the civil war and which side is right.  Guys who presume to know what’s going on in my head.  Don’t start a conversation about me with ‘he thinks’ unless I’ve specifically told you what I think, because you’ll probably be wrong. Ridiculously and embarrassingly wrong.  I think that’s it for the big ones.”

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