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I’ve always wondered this: Can you still reach into aetherius and cast spells? All High Elves seem pretty much attuned with it but that doesn’t mean they are ALL mages. Do you cast any spells at all? If not, does your family treat you differently for it?

I can cast.  I’m just not particularly good at it or particularly interested.  I’ve been known to cast the lowest level fire spell in an emergency.  And by ‘I’ve been known to’ I mean, I’ve only done it twice.  It was really a matter of life and death and a blast of fire to the face goes a lot farther toward turning a fight in your favor than you’d think.  But, no. In general, I don’t cast, I’m rather lacking in talent and skill in that area.  My family does not, in fact, treat me differently for it.  Warriors are a respected class in Alinor.  At least I’m accomplished at something.

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