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So what is it /exactly/ that puts you off about Riel? Or is it really /only/ about Alavesa?

Exactly?  As in precisely?  Because I’ve been vague about this?  He’s an ass.  He can’t say hello without pissing people off.  Without going out of his way to.  And that stems from a tendency to make assumptions and snap judgments.  He couldn’t even be civil to Soren.  Granted, he was in agony, but still.  When you can manage to piss off Soren to the point that he actually considers punching you in the mouth.. there’s no excuse for you.  I might be more inclined to be sympathetic if he was only ever that way when he was in agony.  And it’s kind of telling that he made friends with Zanain, don’t you think?  Who makes friends with Zanain?

Here’s the thing.  I might actually be inclined to give him a chance if he felt inclined to give me one.  But if he doesn’t, I’m not going to cry about it.

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