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With No Sympathy

11 Evening Star 4E202

Tomorrow we leave Riften.  Alexia and Wyll have said their goodbyes when I see her leaving his room.  I had to take the opportunity offered to me, otherwise, it could be months before I get another one.  I’ve been waiting entirely too long for this as it is, so with my charm and wit and a bottle of Cyrodillic Brandy, I lure her out of the building and into Beggar’s Row where I cut her throat and leave her body in an alcove on a bedroll.  It will be days before anyone realizes she’s dead and not just sleeping and by then, the skeevers will have chewed away any identifying features.  This isn’t murder.  It’s an execution.

Alexia was a Thalmor agent.  It was her mission to infiltrate a particular bandit encampment led by a suspected Talos worshipper and send intelligence reports which she did.  My brother pulled some strings and had me assigned to the small contingency of Aldmeri soldiers who were tasked with eradicating the reportedly small band of criminals, but the information was erroneous.  In the months she’d been inside the encampment, she’d seduced their leader and switched sides.  We walked into an ambush.  Those of us who weren’t slaughtered, were captured.  This was her declaration of love.

I managed to convince Alexia that I wanted to join their cause.  It took every bit of diplomatic skill I possess and believe me when I tell you, I possess a great deal.  Once she was convinced, she used her influence to convince Wyll, their leader. 

I spent months with them, earning their trust and friendship and finally, after two years, I’ve been given the perfect opportunity.  The traitor is dead and it will be months before Wyll learns of her demise; just another mugging in the underbelly of Riften.  If he lives that long.  In the morning, I’ll send a brief report of my progress to my brother at the Embassy in Solitude.  If Wyll is still among us by the time we reach our destination, I’ll hand him over to the Embassy personally.

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