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Yes, please? What are your ideas for Altmer foods and what real food equivalents would you use for them? I’m somewhat anal and have incorporated your foods of Tamriel into my headcanons for the characters I have of corresponding races and would like to do the same for my altmer characters as much as possible.


I’m flattered that you’d incorporate our work into your headcanons, so I’ll answer as best I can!

As far as I know, their climate is the warmer side of temperate. I also imagined quite a strong ascetic element to their cuisine, not as an aversion to decadence, but as a kind of strong belief in pure and impure foods. As a people who’re uncomfortable with human equality, I actually think the Dominion is mostly vegetarian, based on ideas about beast-flesh sullying the body and messing up spiritual health.

Alchemical reagents for aiding magicka regen and such might also find their way into the huge amounts of warm-and-cold salads and things that are popular in Alinor. I think probably marinated olives are a big thing, along with stuffed vine leaves and the like. Subtle spices. Good tea. Fresh flavours. Awesome dessert wine made from very ripe golden fruit. Probably lots of orchard fruits and stone-fruit used in savoury things too.

But also I think noodles and rice and such are used. Things are eaten daintily, with chopstick-like instruments. Most food is made bite-size, and meals are made up of lots of small plates.

So yeah. A kind of odd combination of mediterranean and East Asian food is what we envisaged.

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