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She pushed herself to her knees and watched the language of his body as he spoke. Her head tilted slightly at the mention of the Brotherhood. She’d always known Veren wasn’t quite what he seemed, but they’d never really spoken about what he was. She sifted through her memories for anything related, any time when it might have been brought up or hinted at, but came up short. Maybe she hadn’t been paying attention.

Her gaze drifted toward the tent and the pile of furs that concealed the still form of their companion. The sight of Rieldunai and Veren when they’d been discovered and Rieldunai’s behaviors now rendered any further questions unnecessary. What questions she did have concerned Veren’s prognosis and Rieldunai probably couldn’t answer those anyway. They would have to wait for the healer.

The Dark Brotherhood, using souls to heal himself, vampires. It was all so surreal. She’d been worried, yes. But not nearly as worried as their condition suggested she should’ve been. And why should she have worried more than she had when Rieldunai had Vyldrakas to protect them. That was the great mystery, though, wasn’t it? That was a question that she could pose to Rieldunai, though she wasn’t sure she wanted to, considering his anguish as he spoke Artax’s name. The horse’s fate was obvious enough and not one she particularly wanted to dwell on. She wouldn’t try and comfort him with useless words. She sighed softly and sat quietly for a bit, allowing him that time to grieve his loss. But after a few moments, she broke the silence to ask him the question that was currently the most important in her mind.

She looked back over at him, her eyes on his back as he stood looking off into the distance. Quietly, she asked, “And Vyldrakas? What of her?” There was much more she could say on the subject; questions and musings concerning the painful details that were neither necessary nor welcome. She simply didn’t want to draw any conclusions from Vyldrakas’ absence. Instead, she blatantly refused to consider the possible implications for the time being.


Through his anguish, through the tumultuous battle raging inside of him, he heard her voice and answered immediately – something to take him away from the memory of his dead companion. His lost friend.

“The mage attempted to unbind her from my own soul without realizing the strength of our connection. Fool. While she was corporeal he managed to use a spell of pure force and dimensional attunement to trap her – keep her from returning to me or influencing her surroundings. Then he began the procedure to separate us.” He sighed a light smile crossing his lips as he remembered the ‘beast’ on the throne and their small talk.

“It clearly was unsuccessful.” He said through grit teeth.

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