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[Master Post] (II – delete before post)


“Oh, yes,” she said, rolling her eyes toward the river. “Clearly.” Though, she wasn’t sure exactly what was so clear about it, all things considered, with the possible exception that they’d survived at all. She pushed her hair behind her ear so she could shift her gaze in his direction without turning her head and wondered as her eyes lingered over new scars at the changes in him since their first encounter. Those changes would be easier for her to accept, she supposed, than for others who knew him because she’d known him such a short time that many of the changes she wouldn’t even be aware of. But she was aware of one thing; his smile was more often grim than it used to be. Such was the price of living.

Alavesa rose to her feet and walked over to stand behind him and just to the side, crossing her arms over her middle as she did. “So have you some grand plan for revenge or has your need for it been satisfied?”


As she spoke he could hear the souls he’d captured; whispering curses and pleas so profound that they seemed as supplicating men bent toward their god. There was something to be said of the feeling but he decided to keep it to himself lest he sound mad or drunk with his newfound powers. Turning fully so that he faced her and only her his arms went around her waist and he drew her in – not relishing in the slightest their separation – leaning down to kiss her forehead he smiled. Sincerity in his voice and expressions, no weakness in the truth. Merely relief that he could be so open, so vulnerable, with her.

“To have been reunited in this life with my divinity.” His eyes did not falter from her stare as he spoke. She was his divinity – now and until his last breath. “I am merely grateful. Satisfied enough to merely be in your presence again.”


His words were enough to make her smile if his smile were not as she wrapped her arms around him and stepped closer into the warmth of his embrace. “Well, then. I believe my curiosity has been satisfied enough for now.” She looked up at him, laughing eyes and teasing tone though her expression was nothing short of somber. “And I also believe you were in the middle of destroying yet another of my dresses. Shall we return to that or do you need to rest now? All things considered, I’ll be quite understanding if you’re not… up to the task.”


He did not respond to her quip with words; neither was his expression in any way a retaliation to the challenge she’d presented. To the sudden stop and go motions of her actions. To shut him out one second only to pull him back in the next. Like the tide.

A rumbling sound like the grinding of the earth trembled from his throat and slowly rose up to a soft growl as his hold over her tightened dangerously and he leaned down to drag his tongue along the curvature of her neck. She was his torment was she not? He her beast prince? It was all so surreal… every second of every day that he grew more into his skin and realized just how fortunate he was to have her. She gasped as she felt his sharp claws pierce through the fabric of her corset and graze against her exposed flesh. She stood on the tips of her toes when the heat of her body and his rose in concert and he smiled; his fangs caught the light of their fire while his eyes held only the fire of the universe reflected back at her – the core of her soul revealed to her through him in a countless sea of starlight.

Alavesa would have felt herself slam into the earth beneath her had she not been drowning in his intensity – and the depths of their love finally revealed.


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